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Surveillance Doesn't Stop During a Pandemic

Updated: May 6

Most of the time when we’re called to conduct surveillance, it means we need to actively watch where someone is going or the activity level. Usually, we document what they are doing, use of any medical devices, locations they go to, who lives there or if they go to a restaurant/bar, or if they’re meeting someone they shouldn’t. Since the pandemic has begun, we have had a glut of calls wanting to make sure people are staying put. Many companies have contacted private investigators to ensure their employees are staying home and working. There have been multiple occasions where off-site employees are out and about rather than doing the job they were hired to do. Anderson Investigations has experts in surveillance to let you know if your employees are doing the work or where your significant other is going.

But what if you are injured or calling in sick? Have insurance companies stopped hiring investigators to conduct surveillance during the pandemic? Not by a long shot. I came across this article, it’s a nice little run down and gives you a nice little forewarning.

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