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Infidelity Investigations


Infidelity, Adultery & Cheating Spouse Investigations

Anderson Investigative Services specializes in cheating spouse, adultery and infidelity investigations throughout the Scottsdale area and all of Arizona.

Sadly, so often people are blissfully unaware of a partner’s duplicity or transgressions. On the surface, life may look normal; they may appear either devoted, or the doting parent, or the absent workaholic.  That’s because cheaters don’t usually reveal themselves easily.  They are meticulous at hiding deceptive behavior until suspicion is raised. However, at Anderson Investigative Services, we are experts at finding, revealing and documenting the truth!

The Leading Experts in Scottsdale for Infidelity Surveillance & Investigations

Our mission is to investigate thoroughly, identify suspicious activities, and discover any infidelities.  Below are some obvious tell-tale signs to be aware of.

Is your partner showing any of these signs?

  • Working late hours and not answering your calls

  • Locking of cell phones with secret pass-codes

  • Lack of intimacy and interest with spending time with family

  • Sudden interest and obsession with appearance – shopping for new clothes and working out.

The list goes on. Rely on your instincts. If you suspect your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful, give us a call or contact us. We will monitor and document your loved one’s activities with photographic and video evidence. We can uncover and report where they go, what they do, and with whom. Be the first to know, not the last to find out.

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