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Private Investigator Surveillance




Anderson Investigative Services knows the most effective tool to combat insurance fraud is covert, video surveillance of a claimant’s daily activities. The surveillance private investigation services we provide are the most comprehensive in the industry today. AIS will discreetly document a claimant’s daily activities, physical capabilities, appearance and employment status. Utilizing state-of-the-art video equipment enables us to obtain the necessary video documentation even under the most difficult circumstances.

All surveillance investigation assignments undergo our stringent intake process before the surveillance of a subject is initiated. Our investigators in Arizona conduct an extensive preliminary investigation and detailed profiling of the claimant in question. A pre-surveillance check is also performed in the area where the physical surveillance of the claimant will be conducted. This assures our affordable private investigators are properly prepared before actual surveillance is initiated.

These procedures help verify all supplied case information and establish a well-defined surveillance plan. This can save countless hours of unsuccessful surveillance attempts and expense to our clients. If you are concerned about a situation involving fraud – utilize our licensed private investigation service and find the answers you need.

"Quality, Integrity, Excellence ~ Expect it!"

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