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Indiana high court: Removing a small unmarked device from your car isn't theft.

Concerning this article, a couple key and funny talking points:

  1. Obviously, it will only apply if the devices discovered.

  2. Simple rule, depending on the State. Make sure your client owns the vehicle. Otherwise you're flirting with a lawsuit and forfeiture of your license.

  3. That isn’t theft. That is stupid, unless they requested the device back and he didn’t give it back it is not theft.

  4. And the dumbfounded owner, "Well this is weird, somebody has put a GPS tracker on my vehicle! Better leave it there because removing it would constitute theft!" Said nobody, ever.

  5. Or just detach it and leave it by the side of the road. It can't be theft if you leave it where you found it and don't take it anywhere, it's littering at most.

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