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Smarter than the Average Bear

Updated: May 6

Ever been stuck on a case? Sure, you have.

Where you’ve turned over rock after rock and keep getting bamboozled.

You want to get results, but this perp might just be a pro and is really good at hiding.

So, you have to reach in your bag of tricks and think outside the box.

Here are some of idea’s so you don’t have to throw in the towel.

• As always, if you haven’t already, go through the TLO or Clear Report. There are many diamonds in a rough located in a report. Yeah, Chad last lived at the residence in 2012, but it’s 4 miles away and worth a drive-by. Heck, that could be a friend or relative and he goes there during tough times. It’s worked for me before. If pretexts are allowed, knock on the doors of neighbor’s at past’s address, with a killer pretext ask if they’ve seen Chad, I’m a long-lost college friend.

• If you’ve been in the business long enough, you can swing a dead cat and hit 13 PI’s you know. Pick up the phone and give them a ring. Heck, I’ve bet they’ve been in a situation similar to the conundrum you’re in and they’ll give you a jump start.

• Why don’t you ask your husband or wife? They joke they’re Junior PI’s and they joke for a reason. They have a different perspective and they’ve heard all your boring I mean exciting stories. So, something might jog a memory.

• Go to old reliable if you haven’t and search Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We’re investigating them for a reason, they aren’t always the smartest cookie in the batch and maybe a picture has a house in the background with a date it was posted and that can be the key that unlocks the case. Maybe they posted in Missouri and they have a Missouri address in the report. Or maybe just maybe, they posted they’re married, you find the wife’s name and run a search on her. Oh, the perp lives with her now!

How ideas can aid your investigations

• If the perp isn’t represented and you weren’t instructed to not call the perp, and you’ve exhausted all avenues, call the perp up with a Package Pretext. Something along the lines of, “I have a beat-up package, with no results and I need to get this delivered. My driver has been out there a handful of times and we’re about to send it back.” Be off a number from the provided address when you go over it, they’ll usually correct you and if they don’t live there, they’ll offer up a new address. And BAM, there you go!

• Let it go. When you’re driving home, you may be jamming out to your favorite Backstreet Boy’s song and a past case comes to mind. A twist in that case that may help you with the current conundrum. Maybe it was contacting the post office for a forwarding address to the P.O. Box or maybe an old neighbor gave you an address or maybe it was a search.

• Kinda admit defeat in a joking matter. With your tail between your legs, you call the client and talk it over. Yeah, it’s not the most glorious thing to do but if it’s a work comp case, maybe they have an IME set up in the future or if it’s a domestic case, maybe the client over heard something. Honesty is the best policy (sometimes) and in this case, maybe they have some fact’s that’ll be useful.

Heck you’re a PI for a reason, you’ll figure it out. If you’re a PI or just rock star and you have an idea that worked for you, please share them in the comments below.

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