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Filed Work Comp Claim Backfires on the Man

Updated: May 6


“Lighting a firework at a warehouse where he was scheduled to pick up a trailer load … was not within the scope of [the truck driver’s] job.”

-Judge Riko Bishop, Nebraska Court of Appeals

To many of us, no summer is complete without fireworks. Whether you’re gathering with friends or heading out to enjoy a public fireworks display, fireworks are a great way to enjoy the summer and celebrate the Fourth of July. But even if you’re careful, you might find yourself the victim of a fireworks accident. In the case of a Nebraska trucker, he found himself a victim of a fireworks accident at his place of employment.

Many wonder why I love my career of being an Investigator, it’s claims like this that allows me to investigate unique situations, catch fraud and help companies in the long run. The OSH Act (Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 ) was implemented to assure that all employees would be able to work in a safe and healthy work environment. This would be accomplished by providing education and training to all employees that fell under the OSHA federal requirements. Little did they know a worker would blow off the ends of his fingers while trying to entertain a warehouse manager in Omaha. The small mortar nearly destroyed his hand, filed a workers’ compensation claim and it has thus backfired on the man. To read further on the story,

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