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Born A Troublemaker, He May As Earn A Living At It

One of the reasons why I love my job, when justice gets served. This is when hiring a private investigator pays off and I see this happen all to often. It all started when the police officer Alan Strickland, alleged in the lawsuit filed in a northern California district court that he suffered injuries "which caused and continue to cause great mental, physical, emotional and psychological pain and suffering" after a shoving match with Ujiri. (See article)

This man being a police officer was completely avoidable, he was literally convicted of insurance fraud BEFORE being hired as an officer. What kind of work force would hire this man to be a officer of the law and give him a gun and power? A work force that is just as corrupt at times.

It’s crazy how these things work themselves out and he’ll get what he deserves as he committed the upmost fraud. He’s a crooked cop, still working as a cop, in an environment with other cops with a history of crooked/racist behavior, tries to do more future crooked actions? It's almost like "bad apple" behavior continues to worsen if not pruned from a tree.

Where are all the "good apples" to stop this spread?

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